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Geo Location United Kingdom
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anyone know who this is? called me and claimed I called them

3 months ago

I am wondering who called me from this number?

4 months ago

Who's numbers this? Need to know asap. Stalker?

5 months ago

scammer about added a payee to a bank I dont have an a/c with

2 days ago

HMRC Refund - complete scam, link looks authentic

2 months ago

This number is a spam message call saying that your Pay Pal account has been used at a certain time at a place in England ,,,Please report it as SPAM to Google services DO NOT OPEN THE MESSAGE NOR REPLY TO IT YOU HAVE BEEN WARNED.

2 months ago

Sent me text messages saying pay pal click link to avoid suspension and accept new Ts&Cs.... Up theirs

2 months ago

claims to be from BT to do with people accessing my internet

2 months ago

Received a text claiming to be from Nationwide claiming that a new payee had been added via mobile banking and to click on a provided link if I didn't recognize it. Backstory, I've never banked with Nationwide. Scamfest.

2 months ago

scam number

3 months ago

Phishing number asking for information update on ee accounts

3 months ago

Amazon gift card scam. Do not press any buttons on the keypad

3 months ago
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