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Follow up phone call Claiming that if I didn't press button '1', internet would be disconnected. I had black listed first call this 'follow up call stated that they were trying to contact me! .Once again I black listed number on 'Call Protect' Then Having contacted my internet provider myself,, there is no problem with my internet SCAM

3 months ago

Called and hung up Called it back. Said it was a incorrect number Trying to send a text Not sent

15 days ago

Claims Amazon will take money unless I press 1. Call cut short. Next call the amount is increased! Now up to £99! Like some kind of game show!

1 month ago

tried to get me to update a payment method for an o2 failed payment via text , im not on o2 , clear attempt at fraud

2 days ago

Message states the internet connection will be disconnected. SCAM!

16 days ago

SCAM! received text message claiming to be from O2 stating my bill could not be processed and to update my bank details, with a link to click. Obviously didnt do that but did check my bank and my DD already paid ... and googled the number and seems the same number has tried several hoaxs.

24 days ago

Robotic manufactured voice saying my Amazon account will be charged £79. I hung up. Too many of these scams going around.

2 months ago

Scam artist beware

2 months ago

Message states call is from HMRC and an arrest warrant will be issued if I do not press button 1

3 months ago

Claims to be from PayPal. Account suspended

4 months ago

Tried to What's app call me (19/05/2020). Not in my list of contacts, so ignored! Had a few HMRC scam texts, so assume this to be the same!

5 months ago
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