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Tells me my new device has been added to my Halifax account I don’t have Halifax account .... beware scam

9 days ago

Purportedly from HMRC informing me I was being investigated for tax evasion

9 days ago

This number is being used for a scam currently concerning HMRC tax evasion and the threat of arrest.

13 days ago

Claimed to be from HSBC asking to review payees after an attempted payment made on the account

22 days ago

Text message purporting to be from Nationwide stating a payment had been withheld and to review recent payees. Clicking link to website brought up red page with danger warning not to proceed. Had already checked account and suspected it was a scam.

25 days ago

Text from this number (44 7898 485659) claiming that "Your account currently has some ongoing issues. Confirm the following information at <weblink> before we are force to permanently limit your account." Obviously a scam as I don't have a PayPal account.

25 days ago

This is a scam number proclaiming to be from HMRC threatening to take court action over unpaid taxes

28 days ago

Scam recorded message "This is your internet provider..." Right - they don't even guess at the name of the provider to keep their options open! Threatening to cut us off within 24-48 hours. LOL

2 months ago

asuspicious paypal payment -asking for my details

3 months ago

Keeps ringing every few days dont know the number

4 months ago

Recorded, said from Amazon, taking £79 off bank account!

6 days ago

Halifax fraud alert saying money had been taken by Argos

24 days ago
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