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Automated voice claiming to be from Amazon Prime. Asks you to press '1' if you don't want to be charged £79.99 and says you will be directed to a manager. A scam to try and get bank details. Widely reported in the press. See Sun and Daily Mirror websites. Telephone number used was 07902077809.

7 days ago

Claims to be from Vodafone stating there is a problem with my payment. It's an EE mobile number and is a scam. block it and delete the message.

1 day ago

A number claiming to be Virgin Media, saying I haven't paid my mobile bill. Scammer. Always check if the number is a mobile number from a company and not an automated text.

1 day ago

recorded message purporting to be from Amazon Prime stating my account will be auto renewed for £79.99 unless I press 1. As I don't have an account I disconnected the call. dangerous.

3 days ago

Vodafone Scam - Makes a claim that they couldn't process payment of your most recent bill. Takes you to a Vodafone looking page and asks for your login and personal details; before asking for your bank details..!!

7 days ago

Vodafone text scam. Beware

10 days ago

Paypal scam.....yawn!

11 days ago

Could be spam. Don't recognise sender. Claims to be EE, but I'm with Vodaphone.

11 days ago

Claiming an attempted login for paypal go to dodgy website to resolve. Very poor attempt, and don't click the link!

15 days ago

Text message pretending they are HSBC as if someone had attempted a payment from another device. Includes a link to clic if it was not you the one ordering the payment. Scam!!! Don't click the link!!!

16 days ago

Claimed possible unauthorized payee added to my HSBC account Mrs D Bourassa . Don,t have an HSBC account

17 days ago

HSBC scam Phising text claiming I had a new payee. SCAM DO NOT CLICK

18 days ago
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