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SMS claiming to be from HSBC "A payment was attempted from a new device. If this was not you, please visit (link then shown)"

1 day ago

I just had a scam txt from this number for suggesting HSBC Fraud alert

16 hours ago

Claimed to be from O2 - unable to process latest bill.

1 day ago

Test message claims to be O2 saying unable to process payment with link to update your information. Don't believe it's genuine.

1 day ago

Automated call purported to be from Amazon Prime.....scam.

13 days ago

Scam says from PayPal detected fraudulent payment to visit link to unblock

21 days ago

Supposedly o2 'unable to process latest payment' but I'm with a different provider. Don't recommend clicking the link even if you are with o2.

25 days ago

Text message saying O2 payments not been processed. Link to website. Probably another scam.

29 days ago

Claims you have important message waiting from HMRC and provides a link. Scam; HMRC do not contact from a random mobile number like this.

16 hours ago

Scammers who claim to be from O2 saying they were unable to process your monthly bill then give you a link to a fake O2 website to try to steal your login details.

19 hours ago

Looks like a PayPal scam don't click on any links

1 day ago
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