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Received a text message saying my paypal account has been blocked

3 days ago

Purporting to be from HALIFAX BS saying a payment was attempted from a new device. SCAM - I don’t bank with HALIFAX BS.

7 days ago

Suspected scam saying PayPal account been accessed. I don't use PayPal

17 days ago

Scam, text stating Unusual activity on paypal account

2 months ago

Text message saying there was a problem with my bill, could I update details. o2..supposed to be from O2

2 months ago

Had a call and someone said it was BT and to press 3 different numbers for information. I telephoned back on another phone and an abupt person cut me off

10 months ago

had a phone call saying this was BT and to press a choice of 3 numbers for information. Did not. Telephoned on another phone withholding my number and someone answered but would not say who they were and cut me off.

10 months ago

Scam text message claiming to be O2, saying 'unable to process bill' with a link

11 days ago

Scammers pretending to be O2 - claiming problem with payment of latest bill

11 days ago

Message supposed to be from EE, saying "We have been unable to verify the details we have on your EE account. Please login at ~ to verify your details." I don't have an EE account! It's a scam!

11 days ago

Message supposedly from O2 providing a link to update payment information as the bill is unpaid. Sadly for them, this is a corporate account

11 days ago

Claiming to be from O2 saying can't process latest payment, log in to avoid fees. Checked my O2 account - it's a scam.

13 days ago
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