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Weird has a text from this number saying a Mr B White has been added to my online banking! Interesting................... Considering I DO NOT HAVE AN HSBC ACCOUNT! Beware as link sent with text!! Needless to say I DID NOT CLICK ON IT

2 months ago

Said couldn’t process payment and sent a link for Vodafone. I’m not with them. Ignore

24 days ago

Got a text telling me I had been “summoned to jury duty” and could confirm or opt out (!!!!) by clicking the link. Did not click the dodgy link. Signed up for a gym membership earlier today so I guess it’s them that sold my number on.

2 months ago

Says there has been hsbc login from new device and to click the link

4 months ago

Claimed to be from BT, receiving malicious IP addresses from my computer

4 months ago

Absolutely nuisance calls

8 months ago

Scam text pretending to be Halifax

3 days ago

Had a recorded message saying to Press 1 if I didn't want my Amazon Prime to be continued. Otherwise they would take £79.00 at renewal. I don't have an Amazon Prime account on that number. And my renewal date isn't until 2021 otherwise! Don't press 1.

3 days ago

Third call today saying my internet has illegal activity and will be disconnected in 24 hours. Was a automated call had to press 1 to talk to someone. Didn’t do it though

5 days ago

O2 "unable to process payment" scam, asking for updated payment details via a link. Pretty obvious scam. Blocked and deleted.

6 days ago

Received a text message about unusual activity on my paypal account. I believe it is a scam

13 days ago
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