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Scam text pretending to be Halifax

4 days ago

Had a recorded message saying to Press 1 if I didn't want my Amazon Prime to be continued. Otherwise they would take £79.00 at renewal. I don't have an Amazon Prime account on that number. And my renewal date isn't until 2021 otherwise! Don't press 1.

4 days ago

Third call today saying my internet has illegal activity and will be disconnected in 24 hours. Was a automated call had to press 1 to talk to someone. Didn’t do it though

6 days ago

O2 "unable to process payment" scam, asking for updated payment details via a link. Pretty obvious scam. Blocked and deleted.

7 days ago

Received a text message about unusual activity on my paypal account. I believe it is a scam

14 days ago

FRAUD text relating to unusual activity on "my" paypal account followed by a suspect link to "verify my information"

14 days ago

This is a scam phishing number. I received a text message claiming to be from O2 but I have no account with them. It was trying to get me to click on to a dodgey looking link.

14 days ago

claiming to be from BT Open Reach and said that my internet had been compromised. Hung up when challenged about their validity. Scam.

20 days ago

Claims to be 02 unable to process latest payment; asks for update in order to avoid fees...

20 days ago

Text saying there was an issue with my PayPal account, scam for sure as PayPal do not have my new mobile number yet! Beware!

22 days ago

Pretending to be O2 wanting me to update my payment details, nice try Mr scammer, I don't use O2.

23 days ago

Claims to be from Virgin Mobile about being unable to process my bill - I'm not with Virgin mobile.

25 days ago
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