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Geo Location Fishguard
Connection Type fixed line

Possible scammer

4 months ago

Purporting to be from Mastercard regarding possible fraudulent overseas payment of £600 on credit card. Also reported to credit card company

4 months ago

scammer. Using an automated female voice. Threatening to disconnect my internet service

7 months ago

Didnt answer the call but i rang back and it said it wasnt a valid number

11 days ago

I answered to silence I said hello 3 to 4 times. I left call going then turned sound down. Years ago i could keep on the line then stop them from making calls which then they talked if not they did eventually. Now I cant do that so the fun has gone out of doing this. Why do this maybe the know it's a live line I don't know but it's annoying.

23 days ago

This is scammers pretending to be amazon prime saying your prime is about to be renewed for £79.99. It asks you to press 1 to cancel. No doubt pressing 1 connects you to a premium rate number charging you god knows how much

26 days ago

Indian lady rang to tell me my internet was unsafe, said she was from BT. Thought is highly suspicious as I have the necessary security with my bt package.

26 days ago

scam bastards, beware.

2 months ago

automated female voice ambulance chaser, we have been told you were involved in an accident...

2 months ago

Found I had missed call from above number which I do not recognise.

2 months ago

Email asking to settle account of which we do not have with the so called company , Defiantly Scammers

3 months ago

They ring several times a day and there’s never anyone there

3 months ago
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