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I received a call this afternoon from 02031736436 with recorded message informing me there was a warrant for my arrest for tax evasion.

6 hours ago

Scam? Automated message.

9 hours ago

Insurance accident claim automated voice call

9 hours ago

Scammer - voicemail left on second attempt: female robot voice claiming to be 'Officer Denis Gray' of the HMRC saying me or my solicitor of record must call this number or I will face the legal consequences.

9 hours ago

Automated voice message, claims to be from HMRC, "require your solicitor to act immediately..." Clear scam.

9 hours ago

HMRC scam as with others

9 hours ago

Scam claiming I would be arrested for fraud If I didn't press option 1

10 hours ago

Saying I would be arrested for fraud investigation

4 days ago

Recorded message, make voice telling me if I don't press 1 my arrest will be imminent.Hung up immediately

4 days ago

Recorded voice from tax office saying I had committed a serious fraud offence and was going to be arrested if I didn't press 1. What crap - annoying but crap

4 days ago

Automated service saying tax fraud- press 1

4 days ago

Usual fishing call to see if a number is "live"; - They Call > You Answer > They end call after 1 second - If you phone back, you get told that the number doesn't exist

4 days ago
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