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Geo Location Cardiff
Connection Type fixed line

Keeps calling to tell me my internet provider is going to disconnect me, (3 0r 4 times a day) Just ignore them

13 days ago

I received a call this afternoon from 02031736436 with recorded message informing me there was a warrant for my arrest for tax evasion.

8 hours ago

Scam? Automated message.

11 hours ago

Insurance accident claim automated voice call

11 hours ago

Scammer - voicemail left on second attempt: female robot voice claiming to be 'Officer Denis Gray' of the HMRC saying me or my solicitor of record must call this number or I will face the legal consequences.

11 hours ago

Automated voice message, claims to be from HMRC, "require your solicitor to act immediately..." Clear scam.

11 hours ago

HMRC scam as with others

11 hours ago

Scam claiming I would be arrested for fraud If I didn't press option 1

12 hours ago

Saying I would be arrested for fraud investigation

4 days ago

Recorded message, make voice telling me if I don't press 1 my arrest will be imminent.Hung up immediately

4 days ago

Recorded voice from tax office saying I had committed a serious fraud offence and was going to be arrested if I didn't press 1. What crap - annoying but crap

4 days ago
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