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Geo Location Cardiff
Connection Type fixed line

Keeps calling to tell me my internet provider is going to disconnect me, (3 0r 4 times a day) Just ignore them

6 days ago

Caller said i have missed messages from my internet provider and my internet connection will be terminated within the next 24 to 48 hours. Put phone down

2 months ago

Woman with foreign accent called today asking all sorts of stupid questions. Information she had was many many years old, so I just went along for the ride. She was polite, but obviously gathering more useless information to add to the mass of junk they already have. The website she points you to in the end is a fake however, and you cannot call this number back. I tried several times :) Perhaps one to give a miss, unless, like me you like to have a bit of fun with these callers

3 months ago

silent call

5 months ago

Said they were Amazon Support re a purchase they think is suspect. I don't have an amazon account

5 months ago

Caller informed that you have won award NHS Scam scam

6 months ago

This is a scam on your Amazon account advising that someone has bought an expensive item on your behalf. They want to verify your bank details before they send the goods out but due to the call which is being recorded they cannot release the bank details. Hence you need to verify again

6 months ago

Just hung up

9 months ago

Silence when answered

9 months ago

Claimed to be solicitor. Did not answer?

9 months ago

Could tell it was a scam as soon as I heard it was a so called BT call. It did ask me to press 1, but I hung up straight away. SCAM>>>SCAM...SCAM<<<

10 months ago

Caller wanted to sell washing machine warranty for a hotpoint washer. Dont have a hotpoint. Never have had one. Scam

10 months ago
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