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Microsoft scammer

11 days ago

Microsoft infected pc scammer. Very bad English from the caller, extremely hard to understand.

17 days ago

Recorded message for Loft Insulation scam. Suspect use of A.I... not a real person, unable to answer a direct question, no change in vocal emotion. Also suspect this is used as we all complain about strong Indian accents!! Must try harder boys! lol

3 days ago

Robotic sounding voice, called itself 'Matthew'. Some strange clicking noise after each sentence makes me think there is some A.I being used... i.e. not a real person. Another energy scam, or phishing. Avoid.

5 days ago

Fraudulent call about loft insulation from scammers trying to get to buy bogus loft insulation when my local council has already fitted it and the work is more than acceptable to all legal requirements

6 days ago

Energy / loft insulation scam.

6 days ago

Scam about loft insulation.

6 days ago

Call from unrecognised number. I do not answer such calls. Have had a number of these, all from different London numbers which are probably spoofed. I strongly suspect this is a scam.

11 days ago

Fraudulent call about loft insulation from a scammer trying to con money out of me. They claim your existing insulation is illegal. This is nonsense as the local council receives grants from the government to install loft insulation and are accountable for work done.

13 days ago

Cold caller pretending to be local re rep for Utilities’ They gave every impression of being con artists . I have tried calling them back three times to verify their number They hang up. Corrupt.

16 days ago
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